About us

Although we are purely a Czech company, we are trading in countries throughout Europe and Asia. We appreciate our investors’ capital through projects that we run ourselves or are directly owned by us. We carefully select projects to create long lasting win win business partnerships with highly growing potential for the future. The range of our projects has a very wide spectrum – from trading electronics at the international level (In some sortiment we gained exclusivity in supplying electronics for large retail chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), through building and operating  a network of car wash stations, design, production and sale of food supplements for sportsmen to comprehensive financial advice. In addition, within Incore Corporation, we hand pick technological startups which aspire and have global goals.

Our history

Our company originates back to spring of 2015. Starting out as a small marketing project for Apple. Firstly, it was just about using our links to the world of trading with Apple products under the shield of an official license.

Soon we found out that this business model is very atractive, predictable and repeatable that we have decided to move this project up to a level and formed a company. Acquired know-how has helped us to appreciate capital within international trading model. Expand and offer this opportunity to our investors. This has catapulted the era of capital raising and the associated growth of the company.

The vision was clear from the outset, create a system for capital appreciation and, thanks to operational profits, offer investors superior capital return  and secure a free capital to expand the company portfolio.

After three years in business we gained even more experience. We expanded our company to new partners, new projects, capital increased several times compared to the end of 2015, signed business contracts with major retail chains in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also completed the transformation of a company structure into private equity company.


Our vision is to change the view on investment. Further, thanks to technological progress to become part of the future. The latest technologies are not only our hobby but also the way to success. We are betting on a conservative, modest but constant growth, rather than on hiped up success.


We are aware of today’s dynamic time, and thanks to innovative people and their approach, we can quickly respond to market changes. The Incore Group’s mission is to invest in long-term, profitable and stable projects. Co-ordinating and encouraging the flow of investment that will positively impact the lives of people in our neighborhood.


Important for us is the quality of our services and good reputation among investors. Professional approach to customers is a matter of course for us. Their trust is our priority. We have respect for the values and goals of our clients and at the same time we are flexible enough to meet their requirements. We prefer security and certainty to risky operations – that is what guarantees financial stability.